Scare your fears away

I submitted my resignation letter yesterday as a customer care professional and accepted a new role as an associate research analyst in a different company. Although it saddens me until now to leave old friends and workmates in the office, I had to do it as a strategic career move. I believe it is about time to move out and try out new things waiting for me.

The truth is I was very scared. I am scared of what might possibly happen to me in my new career.  I had staked my future and my brother’s future as I am the one sending him to school. I have no idea of my success and the people that I will be working with in the new company. I really had to think and rethink a hundred times before deciding to leave. It is yet one of the most difficult decisions I made ever in my life but it would be the most exciting one, I guess.

Life is a choice. We make choices in each tick of the clock. We make good choices and sometimes bad. What matters is that no matter how bad was the choice we made, we should be strong enough to face the consequences.  We should be wise enough to find that goodness out of any inappropriate thing that we may have done.

It is very important to face what scares us because it is a way of broadening our horizon. It opens new routes for any unchartered seas.  It is a proven way of making our world bigger. The sooner that we decide to face what we have to face, the sooner we would realize that almost everything is possible with determination.

I believe that what lie behind the fears are the greatest of opportunities. It is important to start doing things to overcome the fears we keep in us, to start breaking the barriers that enclose the good life and to begin climbing the ladder towards a magnificent success.

Fears left unconfronted will become our hindrances. They limit our actions; they limit our know-hows and hide things that are supposed to be worth doing. Those fears hold us back and they make our world a little smaller.

Fears are only stories that we force ourselves to believe in. Do not feed your fears and do not let it consume you.  Never fear in facing your fears. Get out and do steps to shy away from those fears for they only breed and nourish doubts, antagonism and incompetence.

If you have acrophobia, fear of height, then there are several activities that you cannot do and enjoy.  You cannot ride the Sky Eye in Tagaytay because once you step on the Ferris Wheel, your body starts to shudder and the moment the wheel starts rolling and tosses you up in the air, you feel like your soul departs your body. You cannot trust your balance and goes panicky. Thus, you are unable to enjoy a supposed to be a wonderful experience. It becomes a limitation and a scary moment.

Never be afraid though in facing your fears. Do it one step at a time or gather all your strength and completely conquer the things that scares you big time. There is no harm in trying to overcome the things that limits yourself. Be brave and wise.  We should happily live the dreams of our hearts by not letting fears live in our hearts.

I am certain that the next time you come face to face with what scares you, it becomes a thing of the past. Instead of jumping out of yourself with those fears, you find those fears jumping away from you.

You would be surprised to know that you can do things you thought were never possible, and it would be the greatest surprise you’d come to know.

I hope I am right with my decision and you too! #

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