pockmarks remain

‎Like a soft sand,
you let me slipped away from your palm
without a tinge of reluctance
nor just a speck of being dubious.

Now, you want me to be back
in those same hands
which let go off me?
For what reason??

You want to hold me back
and eventually just to gesture
a sad goodbye
when things go wrong, again?

Is your revenge
not sweet enough for you??
Or shall I say,
aren’t you contented in messing up my life??

Are you wanting to mend
a broken heart
or to pulverize
a shattered heart?

Do you expect me
to give the same trust
and same faith
I gave you before?

Trust is a glass,
once shattered cannot be restored,
can be repaired
but the pockmarks remain.

You want me to stay
then shoo me away??
Hitherto, I said I still love you,
but I intentionally lied.


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