Reframing how we think about failures

Life doesn’t end when failures pour out like rain.

When we fail and did not achieve what we want, we should learn from that failure. Be a good friend of failures and never consider them as roadblocks.

Failures define who we are. They expose our real character. Failures happen to everyone but what separates people is our own take away from it. Some would consider it as the end of everything and feeling devastated for failed plans and shattered dreams. Some people will take it as ‘great motivator’ to continue discovering for the right recipe or for the right formula in hitting their set goals.

It is never wrong to fail. Failing is never finality. Failing is learning and that is the beauty of it. It gives another big chance to prove our worth. We should use it to make us stronger and wiser. Accept that everyone commits mistakes, forgive ourselves, and implement new tactics. There has to be a way to nail that coveted dream, it is just a matter of finding the right holistic approach.

What is rightfully wrong though is continuously failing without a little learning – without a little change on the way we attack things, without a little change on how we view the situations, without a little change on the strategies to clutch that dream your heart has long been desiring for. Never commit the same mistakes as it entails zero learning, popularly called stupidity.

Failure without learning is dangerous. This becomes a reason for stagnancy and mediocrity. Not having the right perspective could bring your life and dreams stale or moth-eaten. This leads to low self-esteem, depression or even possible death.

We grew up in a culture where failures are always considered negative things and we must leap out of this belief. We must consider failures as opportunities and stepping stones towards building our dreams.  Take another opportunity. Stand up, rebuild and do things more intelligently and meticulously. Certainly on the next day, we will be savouring sweet successes and enjoying our dreams made real.

It is about time that we re-frame our minds to regard failures as learning opportunities and consider it as a success-in-progress. Even great scientists and inventors failed, greatly. Given the right attitude and right course of actions, surely we will emerge as incredible victors.

Everything is a choice. Failures could either shatter you and give us a senseless reason to give up or teach us an important lesson in order to be better with the ways of being triumphant. Now, make a choice. #

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