Grace greater than all the problems combined

God gives us greater grace compared to all the tests of life combined.  He only gives us challenges that we can still both handle and win. God will not give us a test which is beyond our power. He only wants us to remain firm amidst seemingly insuperable circumstances.

He will not forsake us at the time that we are being tested, during those times of troubles. He will always give us strength instead so we can endure all the pains, sufferings and all the quandaries these tests will bring forth. More essentially, He will never fails to provide us with a resolution or even a way out of the tests so that we can receive the glory of victory and rejoice in His sight.

There are times when we almost want to quit, those times when giving up is easier than to continue the despondent fight.  But believe in me, just hold on. Everything will be alright.

Be optimistic. Always find a reason to live your life despite innumerable hassles. Remember that behind the darkness of the nimbus clouds is the sun still shining through. Always look into the positive side of life, the lighter side of life.

Choose to think about a single reason to make you happy amidst a thousand of troubles. It could be a good thing which happened today. It could be seeing the sweet smile of your dearest special someone. It could be good news in your family. It could be a simple gift you received from a friend. It could be the great miracle of waking up and still given the chance to prove your worth in this world. It could be as simple as the belief that something good is about to happen.

As I always say, everything happens for a divine and grand reason. The key word is Trust. Just give your 100% trust in our Almighty Lord and everything will turn out fine. Trust in Him as He entrusted to our care and management His amazing gifts – our energy, intelligence, opportunities, relationships, resources, and our earthly life.


Have faith.

Be strong.






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