Good luck has hit me twice

I thought that I have prepared myself for sudden change of path. I thought that I have conquered my fears and defied every rolling big boulders from the high mountains. But alas, I was mistaken!!

It has been a terrible week for me. Bad news came discomposing my solitude, jolting my peace of mind and making me weak and weary.

I am very uncertain if I have to blame you. I feel like I was betrayed, fooled and deceived. Nevertheless, part of me says that I should have expected this rambunctious joke of destiny. I have been through this before, and I should be able to get through this now.

Truth is, I am deeply hurt, flinching in dire pain. My heart is terribly wounded that I could nearly embrace death as a result of the heavy yoke laden upon my shoulders. It looks like no amount of tears can wash away the sorrow and despair clothing me right now.

It was supposed to be a happy day for the two of us. This long planned getaway is yet to be realized but it was a last-minute decision and we have to go to a different place, instead. We went to a place where we could have a really intimate moment for an intimate conversation.

At the back of my mind, I have several issues needing to be addressed. I have several questions needing to be answered. I know that these would likely spark another misunderstanding between us. Oh yes, there was a spark!

I was enthralled when you had to unleash your emotion which has been kept for some time. I was completely silent listening to your story of how people desire to let our love crumble. I was tongue-tied as you let me understand where we are right now and what the real situation is.

Things are not the same as the way they were four years ago. Things are a little intricate right now. This love between us has affected many people and it has been a really huge challenge for us protecting it from breakage.

On the other hand, I feel so lucky because despite the difficulties encountered on this relationship, you still find reasons and ways to make things even and better. We have been into numerous petty fights and argumentations but still you chose to stay and accept for who really I am. I have shown you every unpleasant attitude and behavior but you still say that I am a wonderful person.

I am very uncertain of what the future holds for us. Yet, I just want to let you know that I am very much thankful for all the things that you have done for me. Every word that you said, every small act of love, every effort that you have made, every little things you have done to keep the love go stronger has been everlastingly etched in my heart. They were already written on our own love story that will never be weathered, and shall forever remain fresh in my mind.

Everything about you is magic. Everything about you is pure delight. Everything about you is my happiness!

Our relationship is not the perfect one, not even close to perfect. We have faced so many predicaments along the way but here we are still standing strong and mighty.

I can say that I am very lucky to have you in my life. Good luck may have hit me twice and Cupid is really doing an excellent job for the two of us! #



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