Happiness, Radiant Hopes

The truth is, my mind is so cluttered with all the mayhems that are happening to me now. I am so confused. A number of things are just toying in my mind, wicked and good.

Yesterday, one of my childhood friends was telling me that “happiness is a choice” and that “it is all in the state of the mind”.

Well, I agree. I can just choose to be happy instead of confining myself in my murkily dark room, rather than letting my tears flow until my eyes get swollen.

This is easier said than done. Everyone wants to be happy, in the first place. Who would want to endure pain? Yet, it is pretty difficult to do. It is a very grueling task. For how can I thrust a sweet smile when I am crumbling inside? How can I say I am happy when all the words that come out weave a tale of sorrow?

For the past weeks, I was beleaguered with so many predicaments which are seemingly insurmountable. I was relating to my good friends the cliché “when it rains, it pours”.

These things I am prattling right now may have tickled your imagination or you may have deciphered what I want to come across, but, seriously, I am very much perplexed.

Heart problems. Health problems. Family problems. Financial problems. All sorts of problems seemed to be clinging on my shoulders right now. I feel tired, I feel really tired yet I cannot get rid of. I know that the best way to move on is to leave my bags behind and pursue the horizon. But, I also know that I have to confront these mischievous tribulations squarely.

Yesterday, I went to the church. I entrusted everything to God. I prayed that He will give me wisdom to let me decide which path to trod and follow. I just draw my strength from the Lord Almighty and all the persons I dearly love. I believe that God never leaves us as we walk our way. I always have the consolation that “the harder the conflict, the more glorious is the victory”.

Everything happens for a very grand reason, and I know that these will make me a better person, a better partner and a better son to my parents, and a better disciple of the Lord. I am confident that after this torrential rain in my life, I have yet to see another day beaming with new sweet promises and new radiant hopes.

I know that these, too, shall pass. I know I can win ’em! #



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